• How we do it

    Foresight and Consistency

    We're committed to education, safety, growth and the future of Haiti!

    There's an unwavering commitment that we require from our staff, board members and even our students. To invest in someone's future is not a fickle decision. Our board commits a minimum of three years, and our director has committed over 10 years (and counting) to ensure that our students receive the growth and stability they deserve, from toddler-to-teenager and beyond.


    We do this because someone has to stand up.

    Our promise to Haiti is about more than temporary aid and disaster relief. It's about rebuilding lives for the long term. When the cameras turn off, and the NGOs depart, we're still here. We're a core of volunteers and philanthropists frustrated with Haiti's exploitation, and passionate about seeing it thrive to its known potential.


    Every student has a story.

    For most of our students, that story started in the Gonaives region of Haiti. This area, along with Petit-Goâve, Jérémie and Les Cayes were always subjected to the hurricane's wrath. Many students grew up here and lost loved ones here. We opened the orphanage in 2005, right after Hurricane Jeanne. In 2008, we raised enough to move the children to the thriving neighborhood of Cyvadier. Literally, one week later, four hurricanes came ashore and wiped out our former home. It's terrifying to imagine what might have happened had we been there, and to think of those who were less fortunate.


    This is not an orphanage. This is an extended family.

    We knew that we always wanted someone to mentor the students, within close proximity to the home, but never imagined that someone would have the ability to live here. Then we found Jacques, and his wife Vanise. Through his experience of growing up without a mother or father, Jacques exhibited an empathy, unseen in others. He and Vanise now serve as full-time family role models and give our students the 24/7/365 parental support they need. This home is not a revolving door. Throughout their entire youth, our students grow up surrounded by the same children, mentors, and parental influences. Just as they would at home. Sadly, this is not a common trait among orphanages, in Haiti, which is why we're so driven to make it happen.