• 12 Years in Haiti...

    and Counting

    Since 2005, you've been right beside us helping our children maintain stability in every circumstance. Through earthquakes and hurricanes, economic instability and personal tragedy; your kindness is a beacon of light. Keeping their hearts filled with joy, their homes filled with love and their heads filled with knowledge is our #1 priority. Your generosity is a gift to their future. Invest today.

    98% of your dollars

    at work

    Practically very dollar you donate goes directly to programming. That means only 2% of your donation is spent on operating costs, such as staff, salaries, travel and admin. 98% of your investment goes directly into the children's daily experiences - food, education, shelter, clothing. You can directly see the impact of your dollar, almost every single penny.

    Meet Jacques,

    Our Director!

    Papa Jacques is the resident godfather here at the orphanage. He connects with the students, like a father, because he's walked in their shoes. Living an "orphan-like life" growing up developed his sense of purpose. In his own words, “working with orphans is an opportunity to give back a little bit of what I received. Helping orphans feel the happiness of a family by being able to get fed, having someone to trust, receive the proper education, is the justice my heart wants any orphan child to enjoy.”