Better Future International (BFI) which supported Tanzania, Dominican Republic and Haiti for several years is currently focusing all it's efforts in Haiti. We are now BFI Haiti.

    You can make a world of difference in the life of a Haitian child. Not just for a child to survive, you can actually help them thrive. BFI Haiti operates a small home for orphaned, abandoned children in Cyvander region of Haiti. Since 2005, with the help of generous, caring individuals like you, these kids live a healthy life, filled with love, getting a solid education and hope for the future.


    BFI Haiti is dedicated to improving the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children by providing the security of a family structure, the opportunity that comes with proper education, and the physical benefits of good nutrition and medical care. We invest in the futures of these children, making sure they have the tools they need to become leaders in their own community, helping to eventually move Haiti into the future.

    BFI Haiti puts education first.

    Sheadmy, Jean-Kerby and Merilene attend a private school Monday through Friday. They also receive needed academic support with tutors after school during the week.

    Where would these three bright young adults be if they were not at BFI Haiti?

    They have an opportunity to grow, learn, and be part of a happy community. Our aim is that each child gain the life skills, education and values, that will allow them to be leaders in Haitian society. Walter and Patrick spend their Saturdays as an apprentice to an electrician. Last year they apprenticed themselves to a local carpenter.

  • How we do it

    The Director of BFI Haiti, Jacques Africot.

    Jacques is more than an orphanage director. He considers all the children that walk through the doors one of his own. For Jacques and his wife, Vanise, and their three children, they are just one big connected family. Jacques has a similar background to the orphans at BFI Haiti. He was taken from his parents at a young age and raised in an "adopted" family, where he was kept safe, fed, educated and most importantly, loved. Jacques grew up in Jacmal himself and has worked at BFI Haiti since 2005. (Pictured here with his wife Vanise and infant daughter Jose)

    It's all about these Children.

    Thanks to the stability of life at BFI Haiti, the children there have passions, interests and are curious about life. Cheerful, optimistic and with goals for themselves and their community. Sheadmy (right) is currently for this grading period 2nd in his class. Walter (left), is a shining star, loves to study and is currently mastering Engineering. They love each other like siblings, they are happy, and this comes from the love and leadership, of Jacques, and because he is Haitian and they respect his guidance and values. He sets an example of how life can progress for the better.

  • where your money goes

    While we're at it. 100% of all Donations goes to Programming.

    Provision of Basic Needs.

    In the home, the children receive loving care round-the-clock and emotional support from our staff of two permanent house parents and a part-time nanny. The children attend the best public and private schools in the region, eat balanced home-cooked meals and have regular health check-ups at the FOTCOH clinic.

    Access to Eduction.

    Typically children arrive to BFI four to five grade levels behind. They receive intensive tutoring (2 hours/5 days a week) to advance their knowledge and skills, based on their age and how far behind they are, each have the goal to attend the best school in the area. They are scoring an average of 7.9 out of 10 on their school marks, and attending special summer programs. We recently expanded to teach French and French grammar and math.

    We hope to enhance the academic tutoring by expanding the after-school LEARNING to include:

    • English Languages and Grammar

    • Critical Thinking (ESSENTIAL in an educational system based on memorization)

    • Health and Hygiene

    • Sports, Arts, Dance and other Extracurricular Activities

    • Computers (in the near future)

    A Loving Home.

    Jacques and Vanise set the tone. Thier love creates one big happy family along with thier own children who are like little siblings to the kids at BFI. Jacques and Vanise are permanently on site in the home in cyvadier, plus

    two tutors to work with the children after school (2 hours/5 days a wee), as well as a part-time nanny. Additionally volunteers regularly visit the Haiti program to help educate the children, provide specialized support services or help with distinct projects like planting a vegetable garden or teaching dance classes.

    Building for the Future.

    This is only the beginning. BFI Haiti is actively trying to purchase land to build a larger site. We are dreaming and planning bigger than that. Our aim, with your help and donations, is to build a community center and invite Think Tanks in to craft a sustainable plan for the future. We want BFI Haiti to create local businesses that can defray costs in the long term, teach the current and future children the marketable skills they need to thrive outside BFI Haiti.


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